About Us


We enable YOU to be the Star of your Home Kitchen. We are a small family business with a mission to offer great quality products that bring Joy into Your life.

We love kitchen products. It’s pretty simple. We offer on premium quality, beautifully designed products that we ourselves love to use in our home kitchen.  

We care about our customers deeply and strive to provide the best customer service every day. We appreciate and ready every email, feedback or product review from our customers, and are looking to continue to improve.

If you are a customer you have any feedback about our products, we would love to hear about it - Please Contact Us! 


Important Warranty Note: 
"MojoLife Products" is the "HomeKitchenStar" brand creator, owner and sole authorized manufacturer of "HomeKitchenStar" products. 
Only "MojoLife Products" is authorized to offer a Manufacturer Warranty for "HomeKitchenStar" products.
Customers are advised to not purchase ANY "HomeKitchenStar" products from unauthorized vendors on Amazon, eBay or any other channels, as they are Not Authorized to offer Manufacturer Warranty and are fraudulently offering an inferior product.