Gravity Electric Pepper Grinder or Salt Mill, Blue LED Light (Stainless Steel)

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This Stainless Steel Gravity Electric Pepper Grinder will make a great addition to your kitchen and attract the compliments of your family and guests! It comes in a beautiful package, and makes a Perfect Gift for friends or family for Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthday or any other special occasion.

Functions as either an electric pepper grinder or salt mill. Purchase two in order to have a matching set for both salt and pepper! Many customers purchase both the stainless steel and black versions.

✔ Single Handed Operation, No Buttons: This Amazing kitchen gadget is Extremely Convenient and Easy To Operate. Just tilt the grinder to slightly below horizontal to automatically start to grind! No need to use two hands, no need to push any buttons!
✔ Finely Adjustable Grind Settings
✔ Easy To Refill
✔ Large Storage Capacity

BEAUTIFUL DESIGN, NO MESS : Spice up your kitchen with our beautiful brushed stainless steel pepper grinder with acrylic window that will be a highlight of your kitchen and attract the compliments of your family & guests. Features a blue LED light that turns on when the grinder is in operation. The automatic gravity activated operation with grinder on top means NO MORE MESS in your kitchen after using a pepper grinder / salt mill.

EASY TO USE, ONE HANDED OPERATION: Convenient one handed operation, simply tilt to active grinder automatically. You can spice easily while you cook or while you hold something in your other hand in the kitchen. Experience the convenience and speed of our electric grinders.

ADJUSTABLE GRIND QUALITY: Add a pop of extra flavor to any meal with our premium quality grinders! They feature a quality adjustable ceramic grinder that supports different grind settings: to adjust simply turn the grinder knob on top of the device. Try the different settings and experience the difference to your flavors!

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: The Brushed Stainless Steel body & Acrylic chamber design make our grinder extremely durable, with no risk of glass breakages. The high quality ceramic rotor mechanism offers long term durability and will hold up against the toughest spices. Our mission at Home Kitchen Star is to offer Professional Quality products that enable you to be the star of your home kitchen!

We are committed to making sure each of our customers is satisfied with their purchase. We offer a 90 DAY Manufacturer Warranty which you can Extend to 1 FULL YEAR by registering the product after purchase. If for whatever reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, please CONTACT US and we guarantee to help.
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Warranty Disclaimer: Manufacturer Warranty is only valid and may be offered by the original product manufacturer (MojoLife Products) or authorized resellers.

Requires 6 AAA batteries to operate - batteries not included.
Product does not come with salt or pepper included.

Product Instructions PDF - Review for instructions on how to install the batteries, add pepper or adjust grind coarseness.


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