Silicone Stretch Lids (Set of 8, variety of sizes 7.9” ,6.3”, 5.5”, 4.3”,3.5”, 3 x 2.6”). The perfect stretchy silicone bowl covers for your kitchen! (Light Blue)

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Brand: Pro Kitchen Accessories

Color: StretchLids LightBlue (Set of 8)


  • CONVENIENT - STOP SEARCHING FOR THE RIGHT LID: How many times have you searched for the right lid that fits your pot and couldn't find one? How many pots do you own that you don't have a perfectly fitting lid for? Look no further, these versatile stretchy lids can fit a variety of container sizes and shapes. Our set includes a wide range of sizes from 2.6" to 7.9" to cover all your needs!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Be more eco-friendly, stop using plastic foil or aluminum wrap to cover your bowls. Generate less waste and protect the environment.
  • KEEP YOUR FOOD FRESH: The excellent airtight seal ensures your food will remain fresh! Stretch lids are ideal for storing leftovers, taking dishes to potluck, stacking bowls, unfinished drinks or leftover fruits and vegetables. PREVENT SPILLS: The tight seal of our stretchy lids will avoid spills if your bowls or glasses tip over.
  • QUALITY FOOD GRADE PRODUCT - ProStretchLids are made from 100% food grade silicone. They are BPA free, contain no Phthalates and are FDA approved. Food grade silicone is feasible and safe to touch food and fruit directly and BPA free and non-toxic ensure health and safety
  • DURABLE AND VERSATILE - made of extra thick silicone, these lids can be used over and over, and are dishwasher and freezer safe

Publisher: ProKitchenAccessories

Details: Want to be more environmentally friendly and stop wasting saran wrap? Look no further! This 8-pack includes various sizes to cover all you needs. Sizes (diameter) 2.6" (stretch to 3.5"): Small cups, dog food cans, soup can 3.7" (stretch to 5"): Small bowls, beer mug, coffee mugs 4.5" (stretch to 6"): Regular bowls, half of cantaloupe 5.7" (stretch to 8"): Soup bowls, half of small watermelon 6.5" (stretch to 9"): Large bowls, regular plates 8.3" (stretch to 11"): Large salad bowl, large plates How to apply 1) To ensure a good seal, make sure both bowl edges and lid are dry. Wipe edges of bowl with a dry cloth if necessary 2) To apply lid, start with the edge of container closest to your body, and gently spread along outer edges until you get to the other side 3) After placing lid on a bowl, use the tabs to easily adjust lid into the desired position 4) For better long term storage, create a tight seal by simply picking up one of the tabs and pushing the lid into the container, in order to create a vacuum effect 5) IMPORTANT: If you cover a warm dish, it is important to allow the steam to escape. To do this, tuck the longer/triangular tab back under the lid, to create a small vent 6) To remove lid, simply pull on one of the tabs. WARNING: Lids can get warm when used in microwave or oven. Wait for lids to cool down or wear thermal protective gloves Caring for the lids 1) Lids can be washed in dishwasher or by hand 2) Avoid cleaning lids with abrasive or force-foam cleaners 3) Store lids in a dry ventilated place 4) Stretch lids can be "nested" for compact storage WARNING If using to cover bowls in the microwave or oven, it is VERY IMPORTANT to tuck the longer/triangular tab back under the lid, to create a small vent and allow steam to escape! If container is fully sealed, the expanding heat and pressure could cause the lid to pop off and may result in injury and/or damage

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